Keeping an eye on the Marathon – Catching up with Welsh endurance athlete Clara Evans

We took the time to speak to Welsh international endurance athlete Clara Evans about life during lockdown and plans for the future. Cardiff AAC athlete Clara has seen a rapid improvement over the last couple of years and has run 16.02 for 5k, 33.07 for 10k, 72.29 for the half marathon and 2.46.03 for theContinue reading “Keeping an eye on the Marathon – Catching up with Welsh endurance athlete Clara Evans”

Running in the countryside – Tips from a runner!

Life has changed in Wales over the past few weeks due to the Covid-19 virus and the lockdown – but one positive implication of social distancing whilst exercising is that we have taken the opportunity to explore more of the open spaces on the edge of towns and cities, finding new and exciting trails toContinue reading “Running in the countryside – Tips from a runner!”

Cake, Mud and Team Spirit – The joy of Cross Country

Given the lack of running action due to Covid-19 we thought it would be worthwhile looking back at the domestic cross country season that has recently come to a close – a discipline we feel that never gets enough exposure. We have the lowdown on the Gwent and North Wales Cross Country Leagues during theContinue reading “Cake, Mud and Team Spirit – The joy of Cross Country”

Underground Sprints and Hallway Reps

On the 14th of March I ran outside for the last time. When I will run outside again is anybody´s guess, but here we are in Spain, on day seven of full lockdown which means I will be cooped up doing hallway shuttles until the 11th April, at the very least. What does full lockdownContinue reading “Underground Sprints and Hallway Reps”

Dimond Shines at San Domenico 20

Normal life has recently taken a backseat to the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak as the virus continues to spread throughout the UK. This has naturally had a devastating impact on the race calendar with numerous postponements/cancellations. Having trained hard throughout the winter on dark, wet and windy evenings, athletes will be frustrated that they won’t getContinue reading “Dimond Shines at San Domenico 20”